Senior Software Engineer- Small company, Big opportunity!

Job type: Permanent

Industry: Insurance & Banking

Experience Level: Senior

Company Size: 5-10

Role: Senior Full Stack Engineer


C#, .NET Core, RabbitMQ, Angular, Typescript, MongoDB, SQL, Python, Docker

The people

We have Road Bikers, Motocross Riders, Skiers (Downhill & Country!), Parents, Musicians (and enthusiasts!), Autonomous Driving Engineers, Family people, Happy people and Single people. One thing in common: be yourself and be happy.

Job description

We’ve been doing digitalization in the insurance industry for the past years with one objective in mind: learn as much as possible. Our conclusion: most digital processes can be conceived without hiring expensive IT consultants. The result: “For businesses who digitalize, Belivia Process is a platform to create and deploy digital processes. Unlike being dependent on software engineers, businesspeople can now be in complete control over the digitalization”.

We’re in the middle of creating this platform where managers and administrator can drag & drop, create UI and deploy the entire digital process – both on the web and native in the phone. For this we require a talented Senior Software Engineers to join our team in Stockholm who can hit the ground running and help us take our product to the next level. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will make important decisions about software architecture and scalability.  You’re willing to take the extra mile ensuring that the highest quality is achieved.

The Role

Take ownership over project timelines and deliverables 

Contribute to the architecture of the platform

Help with the DevOps process when needed

Work with customers when required

Algorithm development to solve complex problems

Suggest new features that will help us improve the customer experience 

Be a source of inspiration for less senior software engineers

Further information can be received by Mikael Hedberg at or +46 73 020 88 12

Come and join our team, send us your application including CV or LinkedIn profile to 


Vårt fokus

  • Automatisering
  • Interaktiv processutveckling
  • Optimering av kundprocess
  • Affärsutveckling utan IT


Med BCM (Belivia Content Manager) omvandlar Belivia dokumentbaserade processer till digitala realtidsbaserade processer. Läs mer

Kontakta oss

+46 (0)8 222 002 Körsbärsvägen 5, 114 23 Stockholm Skicka oss ett mejl